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Blueberry Report

All the blueberry cane has been trimmed for the new season. We are currently awaiting the flowers to bud so the bees can do their job.

Watch this space for more info as soon as it is available.

We still have Frozen Blueberries &  Raspberries for Sale WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

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Raspberry Report

All the raspberry cane has been trimmed for the new season. We are currently awaiting the for the bees to do their job. This Spring’s cold spell inhibited the buds somewhat.

More info as soon as it is available.

Older News

On September 10, 2017, we put up a new windmill to aerate the pond. It helps keep the green algae from forming on the surface.

About us...

I’m Farmer Phil. I’ve been farming here for over 30 years, full time more than 26 plus years. Enough about me. Meet my helpers:

Patti, our beloved Labrador greeter passed away on January 4th 2009. Ebony, now 10 years old, joined our team to make everyone happy. She’s sleeps a lot but is quick to please.

Giankour is a great picker and also helps with pruning the raspberries. We have worked together for 19 seasons. She loves what she does and she does a great job too. We are grateful for her help.

Ignacio has been with us for 11 years all the way from Mexico. I don’t speak Spanish and he doesn’t speak English, but the language of farming is universal when using sign language. We’ve had no problem getting the work done.


This year our crop could be big… so come take a look when we’re open.

We have acres of blueberries under cultivation.
Five varieties in all.
Here’s an example that shows how large they grow.
Picked and U Pick berries starting about mid-July.
Phone for details on picking times and dates.

We usually have a wonderful April for the bees you see here in action.
We have several hives in the upper Blueberry field which is good for all concerned.


At Phil’s Farm, we grow five delicious varieties of raspberries:  Malahat, Qualicum, Tulameen, Chemainus and Squamish.

They are well adapted for our ideal environment to grow superior raspberries. Come and enjoy our bountiful harvest when in season. Picked and U-pick, beginning in early July.


U-Picks begin in July at Phil’s Farm but you have to confirm by calling Phil. Here are some tips for you when you come out to pick.

1. Bring hat and sunscreen
2. Bring a full water bottle
3. Leave pets at home
4. Well supervised children are welcome
5. A change of footware is a good idea

6. Listen to and obey instructions
   from staff and Farmer Phil


Custom Juicing

Turn your extra apples into juice and
drink it all winter. Phil’s Farm features
Vancouver Island’s only Ultra Violet apple juice Pasteurizer. Phone for more details.

Juicing FAQs

Is there a minimum? Yes 100 lbs. 
4 Blue boxes heaping, or 7 or 8 
liquor store wine boxes.

Should I wash the fruit? No. I wash all the fruit 
just before juicing it. 

The juice is pasteurized but does it need to be refrigerated ? ABSOLUTELY!! Either refrigerated or frozen. 

What does it cost? $1.25/L produced, including U.V. pasteurizing. 
About 4 lbs yields 1 Litre. 
The only additional cost is containers. 
2L= $.90ea. 4L= $1.25ea. 

Do I need to make an appointment? Yes, call me at 250-652-2264

Farm Tours

We sometimes offer Farm Tours to show you how wonderful our berry farm is. It mostly depends on how busy we are. On the tour we tell you about the different varieties of blueberries and raspberries we grow and what we do to keep them all as healthy as they can be. Watch for news of the next Farm tour.

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